Friday, June 23, 2017

Best In The World 2017 - The Results

El Terrible and Ultimo Guerrero beat The Kingdom (Matt Taven and Vinny Marsaglia) in a match with lucha rules after Terrible drags Taven out of the ring to stop Rockstar Supernova while Guerrero rolls up Marsaglia.

"The Heavy Metal Rebel" Frankie Kazarian beats "Hangman" Adam Page in a Strap Match after a strap with nails at the end is introduced into the match and Kazarian chokes Page out on the bottom rope with a leather strap.

Search & Destroy (Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Jay White, Jonathan Gresham) beats The Rebellion (Kenny King, Rhett Titus, Caprice Coleman, Shane Taylor) after Gresham locks the Octopus on Titus. As per pre-match stipulation, The Rebellion must disband. After the match, Punishment Martinez rushes into the ring and attacks Gresham before choke slamming White.

Jay Lethal beats "The Last Real Man" Silas Young after Silas pulls out a beer keg, lays Lethal on it, pushes referee Todd Sinclair to the mat and tries to roll up Lethal only for the roll-up to be reversed. After the match, The Beer City Bruiser shows up as Silas attacks Lethal. Silas hits Misery on Lethal on the keg, then he and the Bruiser put the keg between two turnbuckles and presses the keg against Lethal's ribs while the Bruiser splashes Lethal in the back. Silas and The Bruiser then set up a table and place Lethal on it, then The Beer City Bruiser splashes Lethal through the table.

Dalton Castle and The Boys beat Bully Ray and The Briscoes (Jay and Mark Briscoe) to become the new ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions after Castle pins Mark Briscoe with a schoolboy while Bully Ray has to calm Jay Briscoe down after Jay chases one of The Boys out into the crowd.

KUSHIDA retains the ROH World Television Championship against "The Villain" Marty Scurll.

Before the next match, Best Friends (Chuckie T and Trent Barretta) show up. Trent demands a ROH World Tag Team title shot from The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) right now, and that the match be a tornado tag team match. The Young Bucks accept without hesitation, and the world tag team title match becomes a three-way dance.

The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) retain the ROH World Tag Team Championships against War Machine (Hanson and Rowe) and Best Friends (Chuckie T and Trent Barretta).

Cody Rhoes beats "The Almighty" Christopher Daniels to become the ROH World Championship. During the match, it is announced that Jay Lethal has been taken to a local hospital to have his ribs checked out. After the match, Carey Silkin - whom Cody put his hands on earlier in the match - reluctantly hands the ROH World Championship to Cody after Cody put his hands on him earlier in the match. The Young Bucks and Marty Scurll celebrate with Cody after the match.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Final Impact - Impact Wrestling recap for June 22, 2017

Sienna talks to Laurel Van Ness backstage. She says that Rosemary is not in the building, and that Allie is by herself. She tells Laurel that this is her chance to get revenge, and tells her to focus.

"Reborn" Matt Sydal beats Braxton Sutter, Suicide, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards and Trevor Lee to win a Sony Six Six-Way X Division Elimination Match. Richards is disqualified after throwing a chair in Edwards' face as Edwards goes for a suicide dive. After the match, Sydal is presented with the trophy by Bruce Prichard, Scott D'Amore and Sony Picutres Networks India CEO Nitin Nadkarni.

We see footage from earlier today of Rockstar Spud in India...and then he sees Swoggle. Spud asks an old woman to hold his selfie stick after he has Swoggle where he wants him, but she runs off with it. Another guy who is Swoggle's size stops the fight.

Allie tries to make the most out of being alone backstage. She is confident Rosemary will show up.

Jeremy Borash realizes he and Joseph Park have to get on the same page for Slammiversary.

Sienna and Laurel Van Ness beat Rosemary and Allie after KM shows up only to be headed off at the entrance ramp by Braxton Sutter. Sienna hits a release German suplex on a distracted Rosemary - who has Van Ness in her grasp - before Van Ness hits the curb stomp to the back for the win.

Don West advertises the Slammiversary XV VIP Package for only $199.99.

We see Sonjay Dutt's X Division Championship homecoming in the streets of Mumbai, India.

LAX (Konnan, Homicide, Santana, Ortiz, Diamante) decide to head to other wrestling promotions for a little bit of fun.

Jeremy Borash and Mahabali Shera introduce Sonjay Dutt, who heads to the ring with musicians and dancers to the delight of the Mumbai, India crowd. He says it is a great night to come back as the X Division Champion, and thanks the fans for their support after all these years of trying to become the X Division Champion. All of a sudden, Low Ki shows up. He congratulates Dutt on his championship victory, and while he is not one for excuses, he says that Sonjay had luck on his side when he won the title. Luck or not, he pulled away with the win. While he feels the X Divison Championship belongs around his waist and that he gave him the match by request, he asks for a re-match. Sonjay gives it to him, and ups the ante by making it a two-out-of-three falls match for the title at Slammiversary. Low Ki shakes Sonjay's hand to accept the challenge, then hits him with a cheap shot before also attacking Mahabali Shera and hitting Shera with Warrior's Way. He is about to do the same to Sonjay when "Reborn" Matt Sydal makes the save. Low Ki retreats.

Before the next match, two doctors try to keep Mahabali Shera from getting in the ring after suffering the effects from Low Ki's Warrior's Way, but KM attacks Shera before the bell rings.

Despite his ribs hurting from the effects of Warrior's Way from Low Ki before the match, Mahabali Shera beats KM. After the match, Kongo Kong shows up and tries to attack Shera, and while Shera fights back, KM joins in and hits a pump handle facebuster on Shera before Kongo Kong hits Shera with a top rope splash.

After the pep talk between Jeremy Borash and Joseph Park, both men get in shape for Slammiversary.

Eli Drake and Chris Adonis show up. Adonis says that Moose doesn't belong in the same ring as him and Eli Drake, who says that Moose has been putting his nose in their business again and again. Eli and Adonis joke that Moose is teaming up with Bruce Prichard due to their names rhyming, and Eli tells Moose to be a man and look him and Adonis in the eye and say he is forced to go 2-on-1. Moose shows up, and says Eli Drake is 100% right when he says he doesn't have a partner in the locker room for Slammiversary, as his partner is NFL superstar DeAngelo Williams. As we see a video package for Williams, Moose is attacked by Drake and Adonis, and Moose is knocked out with the Impact Grand Championship.

"The Cowboy" James Storm and Alberto El Patron beat Ethan Carter III and Lashley by disqualification after EC3 hits the referee with a leather belt. Another referee shows up and disqualifies EC3, ending the match. After the match, both teams brawl, then Storm chases after EC3 with the belt and El Patron celebrates in the crowd with both the Impact World title and the Global Force Wrestling Global title to end the show.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Underground Sound - Lucha Underground recap for June 21, 2017

Fenix meets with ring announcer Melissa Santos in a parking lot. He tells her he will win the Cueto Cup for her. Meanwhile, Marty "The Moth" Martinez is seen watching Fenix and Melissa Santos from afar, and it appears that the sight of them together has made him so mad that he butts his head through a small window pane.

Cage beats Vinny Massaro to continue to the second round of the Cueto Cup Tournament after Vinny tries to use his gauntlet mid-match. After the match, Cage puts the gauntlet on and busts Vinny open with a couple of punches to the forehead before choke slamming him from the apron to the outside.

We see narrated footage of Rey Mysterio Jr. training in Boyle Heights. He says the man makes the mask, not the other way around, and that he has nothing to hide behind the mask and that he is not afraid of a fight.

Meanwhile, we see narrated footage of Johnny Mundo taking shots from a kendo stick as well as training with one while Taya captures it all on a camcorder. He says he was always the best, and that he will always has doubters. While Rey Mysterio Jr. is universally known, Mundo says he will go down like the rest and he will be known as the best.

Marty "the Moth" Martinez beats Saltador to continue to the second round of the Cueto Cup Tournament.

Mascarita Sagrada is working out in the locker room when he is met by Paul London and Mala Suerte. Thinking Mascarita Sagrada is "the great rabbit king," London and Mala Suerte want him to lead The White Rabbit Clan to Valhalla and want to serve him. Mascarita Sagrada walks away, but Paul London tells Mala Suerte that he is "divinity personified."

Marty "The Moth" Martinez looks at his shrine to Melissa Santos, and pulls another picture of her out of his trunks. It becomes obvious that Marty is obsessed with her as he puts the picture of her on the wall, saying he could never be mad at her. He then opens a box, and inside is a hand mirror. As Marty smells the hand mirror, which contains some strands of Melissa's hair, He then sees Mariposa's face in the mirror, and before Marty turns around, she asks him if he remembers what her father taught them: "family first." Marty says he remembers. Mariposa says his lust for Santos has made him weak, and when she beats Fenix, it will be the both of them in the next round, and she will hurt him. Marty then asks if she remembers when he used to play. Mariposa slaps Marty, who smiles in response. Marty then takes the picture and says "Don't worry. I'll just have to make you part of the family, too."

Pindar beats Mascarita Sagrada to continue to the second round of the Cueto Cup Tournament.

Fenix beats Mariposa to continue to the second round of the Cueto Cup Tournament. After the match, Marty "The Moth" Martinez charges the ring and attacks Fenix, and ring announcer Melissa Santos shows concern and yells at Marty to stop. Fenix knocks Marty out of the ring, and when Mariposa rushes at Fenix, he sends her over the top rope before getting both of them with a suicide drive. Melissa is relieved.

Generation NXT - NXT recap for June 21, 2017

Ember Moon beats Peyton Royce in her first match since returning from a left shoulder injury.

Hideo Itami tells Kassius Ohno that he has not had the same success in NXT that he had in Japan, and says he has let that get to him. He apologizes to Ohno. Ohno says he has been there, too, but he refuses to give up. He starts getting back up tonight against Aleister Black.

We will see exclusive footage of Bobby Roode and Roderick Strong later tonight.

SAnitY (Eric Young and Alexander Wolfe) beat The Ealy Brothers (Gabriel and Uriel Ealy).

Next week: Asuka vs. Nikki Cross in a Last Woman Standing Match!

We see a vignette for Sonya Deville, who is coming up next.

Sonya Deville beats Rachel Evers with the double wristlock.

We see some footage from earlier today where Bobby Roode is in a photo shoot. Roderick Strong and family show up, and Bobby Roode tells Roderick Strong's wife to let him know if she feels like being with a real man. Strong rushes up to Roode and immediately fights him, and this starts a brawl that is quickly quelled.

In two weeks: Roderick Strong vs. Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship!

Aleister Black beats Kassius Ohno by stopping the Rolling Elbow cold with Black Mass.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

205:Alive - 205 Live recap for June 20, 2017

Akira Tozawa talks with Rich Swann backstage. Tonight, Swann has Neville in the ring, and he hopes to dance his way back into title convention. Suddenly, Titus O'Neil shows up, and says Tozawa has everything he needs to take The Titus Brand to the international level, then asks Tozawa to sign on the dotted line to make him an official member of The Titus Brand, and throws in an extra 5% of the cut on merchandise. He also proposes "the Tozawa Towel," a play on the Pittsburgh's. Tozawa isn't convinced, and Titus says he will give him until next weeks' Raw to decide.

"The Premiere Athlete" Tony Nese beats "Gentleman" Jack Gallagher after faking a shoulder injury to send the back of an unwary Gallagher's head into the bottom turnbuckle before hitting the running knee strike for the win.

Noam Dar Facetimes Alicia Fox again. Cedric Alexander shows up again as Noam tells Alicia they should move on from Cedric. Alicia Fox says this is over when she says it's over. Noam Dar tells Cedric to quit 205 Live, or he and Alicia will make his life miserable, and says they have already started by tossing his bags in the bottom of the river. Cedric Alexander then pulls out his bags and says "You mean this bag?" Noam Dar and Alicia Fox, thinking they tossed Cedric's bag in the river, find out it was Ariya Daivari's bag they tossed instead when Daivari starts looking for it.

We see a video package for Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak.

Before the next match, Drew Gulak sings the praises of a traditional, ground-based offense. He asks Mustafa Ali to work together with him and make a better 205 Live, and proposes that this match be a "no-flying match." Ali answers by attacking him before the match begins.

Mustafa Ali beats Drew Gulak. During the match, Mustafa Ali takes to the air and Gulak catches him. As he goes for a Boston Crab, Ali rolls him up and gets the win. Drew Gulak is livid.

Austin Aries tosses a towel to "Gentleman" Jack Gallagher backstage. Aries suggests that they take a page from Neville and TJP's book, and proposes an alliance. Gallagher agrees to "a loose accord," and they both shake hands.

TJP meets with Rich Swann backstage. He says he does not appreciate him telling him he is taking shortcuts, as well as telling him how to conduct himself. TJP says he knows why he said what he said, and tells Swann to do what he told him, as he is in the main event tonight, not him.

Akira Tozawa will be watching the next match from ringside in a VIP seat with a velvet rope, a placard with his name on it, popcorn, soda and hot dogs, courtesy of The Titus Brand.

Neville beats Rich Swann with the Rings of Saturn after dodging a Phoenix Splash.

Layin' da SmackDown - SmackDown Live recap for June 20, 2017

The show begins with Tamina, Charlotte, Natalya and Becky Lynch near General Manager Daniel Bryan's office. D-Bry wants to hear from Carmella and James Ellsworth first.

Carmella and James Ellsworth head to the ring to start tonight's show. Ellsworth demands respect for the first Miss Money In The Bank, Carmella, who welcomes us to "The Fabolous Era of Carmella." She says her name has been trending worldwide, not because she won, but because of she won, with people saying she disrespected the Money In The Bank Briefcase. She does not care, however, as she has been overlooked ever since being picked last in the WWE Draft. At the end of the day, nothing else about the other women in the blue brand's Women's Division matters, because she is that intelligent. Carmella goes on to say that she won the Money In The Bank match fair and square, and refers to Kane helping Seth Rollins in 2014 as well as Bray Wyatt keeping Roman Reigns from winning in 2015. She says that the fans have put her victory in doubt and have gotten General Manager Daniel Bryan even though the match was a no-disqualification match and asks how rules can be broken when there were none in the first place, then goes on to say that Daniel Bryan will reiterate what she has just said. Carmella concludes by saying she is Miss Money In The Bank, and there is nothing anybody can do about it.

Charlotte confronts General Manager Daniel Bryan - who tries to talk to Charlotte about her neck - and asks if the no-disqualification rules apply to the five women in the Women's Money In The Bank and not to James Ellsworth. She tells D-Bry to do the right thing.

Before the next match, The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E, Xavier Woods) say they expected to be here tonight with the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships around their waists, but unfortunately, The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) fled through the crowd to keep the titles at Money In The Bank. They invite The Usos to step into "The New Day's playpen," and Kofi introduces "the warden:" Big E, who is called "Deput-E." Big E says there is no way easy out and no shortcut home (a reference to "No Way Easy Out" by Robert Tepper from Rocky IV), because The New Day rocks.

Big E beats Jimmy Uso.

General Manager Daniel Bryan is on the phone with Commissioner Shane McMahon when Natalya and Tamina show up. Daniel Bryan says there will be an official decision on whether or not Carmella will still be Miss Money In The Bank soon.

Dasha Fuentes interviews Naomi, who says that it is unfortunate how the Women's Money In The Bank Match ended, but she is ready for whoever her next opponent is. Suddenly, Lana shows up and tells Naomi she was lucky at Money In The Bank, and demands a rematch. Naomi gives it to her for next week, then tells her to get out of her face.

In footage from earlier today, Randy Orton is interviewed by Tom Phillips. Orton says he lost control on Sunday night, and he paid for it. He can deal with losing the WWE Championship, but he cannot deal with people disrespecting his family, and he will not do anything to get to Jinder as he crossed the line and made it personal, and he does not care who he has to go through to do it, whether it be The Singh Brothers (Sunil and Samir Singh) or Jinder's entire family. He says Jinder has made a mistake, and there is no turning back.

"The King of Strong Style" Shinsuke Nakamura beats Dolph Ziggler.

General Manager Daniel Bryan is backstage with Sami Zayn, whom he gives a match against Baron Corbin next week. Becky Lynch shows up, and Sami says she got robbed. Becky mentions James Ellsworth's interference on Sunday night, and says that no matter what she does or how hard she trains, SmackDown Live does not seem like the land of opportunity. D-Bry says it's complicated when she asks what she has to do, and Becky asks if doing the right thing is really that complicated.

Kevin Owens shows up. Owens says the only reason he is standing in the ring without the Money In The Bank Contract right now is because the other competitors in the match conspired against him and tried to end his career, and that what happened Sunday night was not fair. He is still here and in the ring as United States Champion, unbroken. Kevin Owens then announces that he will give a lucky individual from Dayton, Ohio a shot at the United States Championship as he declares that the Kevin Owens' Face of America Challenge. AJ Styles shows up, answering the challenge and saying that the only thing better than being the United States Champion is beating the champion for the title. Owens tells AJ Styles to shut up and that this is for someone in the area, and not him, especially as he has been given plenty of challenge. Suddenly, Chad Gable shows up and answers the challenge, saying he moved to Dayton, Ohio this morning. After Gable is able to mention where he lives (which is 3640 Colonel Glenn Highway, the address of Wright State University), the open challenge is on. AJ Styles then guests on commentary for this match.

Kevin Owens retains the WWE United States Challenge against Chad Gable.

The Hype Bros (Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley) are backstage with General Manager Daniel Bryan, wanting their shot at the SmackDown tag titles back. Daniel Bryan gives them another shot at getting their shot. Next week, all they have to do is beat The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Usos), and they've got their tag team title shot again.

Sami Zayn and "The Perfect Ten" Tye Dillinger advertise Sonic's milkshakes.

General Manager Daniel Bryan shows up. D-Bry says it is great to be back, but he wishes it were under different circumstances due to the aftermath of the Women's Money In The Bank Match. He says he has to take his emotions out of it and stick to the WWE rulebook, and introduces the participants in Sunday night's Women's Money In The Bank match: Charlotte, Tamina, Natalya, Becky Lynch and Carmella. Daniel Bryan admits Carmella had some good points, but also says that nobody has done what James Ellsworth did, either. James Ellsworth mentions Daniel's recently-born daughter, and tells Daniel Bryan to get it over with. Daniel Bryan tells him to shut up about his family, or else he will punch him so hard he won't breathe and he will also fire him. After the women argue, Daniel Bryan then announces that Carmella has been stripped of the briefcase and another Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match will take place next week to decide a definitive winner.

Jinder Mahal beats Luke Harper. During the match, Baron Corbin shows up and distracts Jinder Mahal, walking around the ring to tease a cash-in, and says he is watching him. Luke Harper almost has Jinder Mahal put away, and tries to hit one of The Singh Brother (Sunil and Samir Singh) with a discus punch only to fall victim to Jinder's Cobra Clutch Slam. After the match, Randy Orton shows up and attacks The Singh Brothers before attacking Jinder. He goes for an RKO on Jinder, but The Singh Brothers attack Orton, allowing Jinder to escape through the crowd. Orton fights back, hitting an RKO on both of The Singh Brothers to close out the show.

On Talking Smack, James Ellsworth finds out he is banned from ringside in the Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match re-match for next week.

Here are the top 10 moments from tonight's show!